Sunday, April 28, 2019

Postcards: Rawene to Ahipara

We break camp 10ish and head to the ferry. They run every half hour, even on Sunday. A photographer was setting up his tripod. Am I in your way?, I asked. No, he said, I'm just waiting for a good shot.

Drying its wings?

The 15-minute trip is so short you can see where it docks on the other side.

Our turn. I like ferries. They're tidy and relatively simple, though this little example is a far cry from the BC ferries of the Pacific Northwest.
 You pay on board.

Our solar panel.

Fellow passenger Buddy gave me plenty of kisses (the dog, not the guy), but I think that's because he smelled salami on my hand.

On the other side, we had a fine drive through the rolling hills of farmland and forest. Rounding a bend, two skillful, hard-working dogs were keeping this group right in line.

Today's route (click here if you can't view). Ahipara is at the southern end of 90-Mile Beach, where we're camping, and we'll have more snaps from here tomorrow.

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