Sunday, April 14, 2019

A Walk in Mangawhai Heads

Internet challenges tonight, so just a few snaps of a lovely day. We cooked a chicken this morning in our wee oven and included some chunks of this sweet winter squash from the market.

Morning light at the campground water's edge.

Birds of NZ
 I think it's a reef heron. Click here for more.

We walked this afternoon from the campground along the beach and up into the hills overlooking Mangawhai Harbor. It occurred to me that you'd almost never see this in the US: a designated walking path in front of houses. Via periodic stairways the path dipped down to beaches isolated at certain times by high tide.

On one of those beaches...

Shadows lengthen at day's end.

My pick at the chocolate shop: dark with macadamia nuts. I keep it in the freezer to avoid temptation, but also because I like cold chocolate. It's so thick, though, that if I try to bite into it while frozen I risk having to find a dentist here...

Goodnight happy campers

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