Monday, April 8, 2019

Bits and Bobs

The pleasing symmetry of a sea anemone.

Yesterday we did take to the Pacific, in a sweet little dinghy. Apparently, though, we stuck in the wrong size oars, so that with every stroke I beat myself in the chest. No matter what I did the outcome was the same. It was funny for a while. Then it took a million short little strokes to return us to shore.

We shopped for food today and at the check-out I perused the bizarre selection of magazines (you're just lucky I didn't post "Vegan Meghan: My Baby, My Way! Every Palace Rule Snubbed!").

This one caught my eye because of the apparent non-sequitur headline...

Allyson Gofton "Life is short...we have to be brave" Her Best-Ever Cake Recipes

Mannequin friend at Hunting and Fishing NZ

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