Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Uretiti, in the Winterless North

Our friend Selwyn wrote with some ideas on places to visit "in the winterless north," which has a nice ring. It's autumn in NZ and the days here in Northland are sunny and warm, with that unmatched quality of light that only spring and fall deliver.

The giant bus parked across the way seems to host full-timers.

"Park wherever you want" is not something you hear at most campgrounds, one of the reasons DOC camps stand out. Private campgrounds usually have poured concrete slabs that are numbered and serviced with electricity and water.

In this campground, that's exactly what they say. That it sits on a stunning piece of land along Bream Bay, Uretiti Beach a surfer's delight, is icing on the cake.

The campground is dotted with numerous scrupulously clean toilets, showers, and fresh water spigots. The only downside is its proximity to Highway 1, whose traffic sometimes masks the crash of the waves over the dunes.

We've had a largely successful test of the off-grid systems. Currently, this is our only way to charge computers. Caravan battery connects to silver inverter below, into which the PlugBug (converts NZ to US) is inserted, and then computers into it, at right on stool. But what happens when it rains? Art's working on that.

 Over the dunes and back to the beach today for a long walk.

Many treasures await.

A constellation of shells

Art found a waterlogged slice of wood he's going to dry out and use as a cheeseboard.

My handsome driver sorting bits.

Rain expected tomorrow afternoon, so we're going to drive south a bit to a campground with power that's also located within easy distance of several places we want to visit. Sleep well, campers. The stars here are something to behold.

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