Monday, June 24, 2019

Avec Video: Taranaki Falls Walking Track, Tongariro National Park

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One last hike before leaving this magnificent park. On a sunny Monday, we went after this 6 km loop track in the wonderland that is Tongariro.

Remember this volcano from our other walk? Now it's fully shrouded in snow.

Let's let the pictures do most of the talking...


It's a lovely day, but that sign still feels ominous


On the way to the falls, Wairere Stream in action.

Taranaki Falls coming into view

 The return started with a steep upward climb, quickly leveling out to a glorious stroll.

Shout out to the NZ Dept of Conservation (DOC) for spending god only knows how much time on these tracks to keep them not only passable, but tidy. Remember, one million people visit annually, most in summer because these hikes are a serious draw.

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