Sunday, June 16, 2019

Wild West Coast: Kawhia Hot Water Beach

Good morning, campers, and keep in mind as you see me drinking from my water bottle below: good hydration will save the nation. Here's our camp spot with the tide in.

Breakfast today is NZ snapper, purchased at the Raglan Wharf and frozen, with kumara (sweet potato) and a bunch of sauteed vegetables finished with tamari.

We're walking today at Kawhia Hot Water Beach on the always-outsized west coast, just a short distance from our campsite. It's a monster beach with powerful waves.

One upward climb over the black sand dune and we're there.

We didn't time our arrival to coincide with the availability of hot water (two hours on either side of high tide). In fact we have such good memories of our time at Hot Water Beach on the Coromandel Peninsula in October 2017 (NZ springtime) that we decided to forego the dig today. Here's a link that tells the story of how those hot water pools in the sand work.

Today we're just trying to take in the sweep of this place, the enormity of the water's edge. Faithful readers already know I'm unabashedly in love with NZ's west coast.

Here's a map (click here if you can't view) that shows the location of our campground, situated on the relatively sedate harbor waters, and the road to the beach. We started out walking and about a quarter mile in got pelted by a powerful downpour. By the time we got back to the campground (to drive) the skies were blue again.

Such is the power of the weather systems coming off the Tasman Sea to the west. Click here for a story on the above-average temperatures in this ocean between Australia and NZ.

Turning the camera 180, you can see the sun pushing through the clouds.

The weather--and light--shifts every few minutes.

Here I zoom in on a little building on the cliffs to the south. Look at that water rage!

Black sand, blue sky

It was a good walk, and we turned back toward the dunes for the return.

Sleep well under the full moon

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