Monday, June 10, 2019

Raglan in Pictures

First meal: vegetable stir fry without a side of pesticides

Did I mention we visited Raglan in 2017?  Its pretty harbor is one of the reasons we returned.

Another is the Raglan Fish shop on the wharf, selling raw fillets we carry back to freeze or cook ourselves. In NZ there's water everywhere. Someone is always fishing. And yet as I learned recently it's illegal for recreational fishers to sell fish to me.

I made the mistake of asking one friendly camp host if her fishing husband might be willing to sell us any extra fillets. She looked at me like I was proposing murder-for-hire and told me the penalties for such behavior are incredibly serious.

She wasn't kidding. I just looked it up and...
If you're a recreational fisher, selling any fish or shellfish you catch is illegal. You can get a sentence of up to 5 years in prison, a fine of up to $250,000 or both.

 This super-sweet Raglan native told me the town's population was up to about 4000

To purchase fish, then, we go to large grocery stores or a place like the Raglan Wharf. Two fillets of tarakihi (the last "hi" is silent, which means you pronounce it tar-a-KEE) and two of the NZ snapper. Fish for breakfast tomorrow and two fillets for our wee caravan freezer.

Last time we visited I wanted to get a pair of handmade shoes from Soul Shoes, but had no luck with sizing. Today was my day.

Autumn roses are the sweetest

 This shop, called Rivet, was closed. Sadly.

We returned to the organic produce store on our way back to the campground and, arms full of produce, stopped next door for a little sushi take-out.

"No rice, no life!"

 Legal seafood...

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