Monday, December 19, 2011

Beverly Beach State Park

Towering trees and ferns, dripping moisture from the Pacific, this is a green-green campground...and just a short walk to the sunny beach under Highway 101.

Along the way, news about the ancient stump. Amazing.

Ancient stump itself

 Beware of "sneaker" waves

Beverly Beach is vast and empty, rocks are sundials.

Sad beyond measure, the sand is strewn with tiny detritus from the...
"Great Pacific Garbage Patch," or "trash vortex" - essentially a floating expanse of waste and debris in the Pacific Ocean now covering an area twice the size of the continental U.S.

You can stay in a yurt at this campground. It looks cozy, doesn't it?

Our camp host has a beautiful lab puppy who looks older (and wiser) than her 1 year.

When we return, friendly park ranger Brian comes to collect an extra $1. We'd parked in a cable-ready spot (cable? while camping? that's depressing) and he apologized as we handed over our due and then helpfully directed us to the co-op in Newport so we could stock up on food, using his smart phone to provide directions. I guess we could have one of those too, but it's always more fun to chat with nice people like Brian.

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