Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Wednesday Hike Along the Rogue

When the sun came up this morning we hiked again, a different route along the main road.

Art narrowly escaped being consumed by what looked like a giant aloe.

Placid little pond...
...with a succint sign.

And on the pond a small farm, 
the sheep greeter happy to see us.
Her compadres were curious
but she was clearly in charge

The road twisted and turned, climbed and fell. Lucky I have my pocket compass to determine direction.


And always the river

We had a fine walk, returning home to a spinach salad and some housekeeping.

What's Art doing on top of the camper? Cleaning the solar panels that keep our 5 batteries charged.

Toward the end of our hike we visited a beautiful lodge, situated right next door, as it happens. I'll show you some pictures tomorrow.

PS: the very best part of waking up in the camper bed is opening the window, hearing the riffle of the river, breathing the air, and looking out. The bed sits above the truck cab. See those windows?
Morning view


  1. Looks like great weather. Can you see my comments? We will miss you on Christmas Eve at Katie's (remember last year standing outside forever for someone to open the door????) and at Grayslake Christmas Day. Enjoy!

  2. Yes, Brookers, can see your comments and thanks so much for them. We're now at a glorious state park on the very southern tip of the Oregon coast. We'll miss you too!

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