Monday, December 12, 2011

Lunch on the Train

After a life working in Boston, they returned home to Oklahoma. “Our state is very red,” Jim said. “Redder than Texas even.”

What a smart and charming couple, he a research MD at Joslin Diabetes, she a nonprofit financial person. They were off to Seattle, back to Portland, and south to San Francisco and multiple desitantions before closing out their 5-week trip to see friends, children, and grandchildren.

We had quite the animated conversation, ending with a story from Susan about a Missouri welcome station attendant who, when asked a question about the weather, promptly claimed there was no such thing as climate change while citing the Bible.

That set us off on a conversation (Art adds “thus far avoided”) about non-science-brain people.

Obama and Plan B anyone?

Amtrak is feeding us far too well. The hangar steak last night was excellent. Today I had a wedge salad with bleu cheese, plus the creampuff.   

Talk about your yin and yang. Jim had rice and beans with sausage. Not likely we’ll need dinner, but we just reserved for 6 pm.

With conversations like this, how could we miss it?

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