Thursday, December 22, 2011

Tu Tu Tun Lodge on the Rogue

We're packing up this morning, leaving our little Rogue River paradise and heading back to the coast for one last night in Oregon. California beckons.

Worth saying, the stars are brilliant in the night sky, especially after Donna was kind enough to turn off the camp light at Art's request. We're the only campers, and we have flashlights if needed.

Here are a few photos of Tu Tu Tun Lodge, situated facing the river and right next door to our camp. The fruit trees beckoned us.

Friendly gardener Robin talked about growing in this unique area, warm for its location.
They grow some produce, but mainly flowers.

The main lodge entrance, from the road.

With a portal leading through to the river side.
Plenty of sun warms the deck.
Limes in a pot.

And an alluring lap pool running parallel to the river below.

There's a cozy bar in the main lodge and a gourmet restaurant...

...with a massive stone fireplace.
A library too.

The charming proprietor and his chocolate lab made us feel most welcome.
Another time, we'd stay.

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