Saturday, December 24, 2011

Winter Solstice Beach Walk

Highway 101 to Harris Beach State Park told part of the story (me, hanging out the window hollering "slow down!").

We're at the southern tip of the rugged and extraordinarily beautiful Oregon coast. And site A20 has a killer view of the water.

Out our back door:
It's a perfect spot

Time for a walk. The beach trail wends its way out of the campground and steeply down toward the beach.

The scale is impossible to capture. Those are cars down there, at a day-use parking area.

It seems like a different planet.
Tiny me.

In the tidepools, sea anemones hold tightly to the rocks, an otherworldly color.
Starfish too as we pick our way through the shallows near a great gash in the rock...
Shellfish-encrusted rocks await the next wash of seawater.


The tide is out, lucky for us.

We look for treasures among the detritus near shore.

And meet a nice guy, a manager for a cable company who was transferred here to Brookings. He's happy about that.  Brookings grows 75% of US-grown Easter lily bulbs and ships worldwide.

This is a glorious beach.

Back to camp before night falls...


  1. I loved seeing the starfish and the different colors.

  2. Aren't they something?! Thanks for the good response, Debbie...