Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Oh the River Knows Your Name

Oh the river knows your name...from the Brazos to the Wabash to the Seine
--John Hiatt

When we first pulled into the modestly named Four Seasons RV Resort we knew we'd hit the jackpot: the sun glinted off the river and there was nobody here. In fact, the proprietress wasn't even here. That's her house adjacent to the park. We soaked up some sun from the deck while we waited for someone.

On the way here we traveled through Oregon Dunes country.

Carved into Rob's yummy gift of sausage for lunch and got gas in Gold Beach, at the outlet of the Rogue.

Some days you just can't be sure where you'll land. If you let the breeze push you gently and avoid making too many plans or reservations, as we assiduously do, you will experience the occasional frustrating afternoon. WHERE are we staying? It gets dark at 4 pm!

But hey there are still ribs from Portland.

And then you find a spot on the bend of a river that murmurs and the day ends in perfect peace.

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