Sunday, December 25, 2011

Roll Down the Window, Gulp Fog, Say Yeah

Getting ready to cruise the Redwood Highway Christmas Eve. Our travel lunch is packed: hard-boiled eggs with candied salmon (from the Dungeness crab place back in Oregon) and green olives. Well alright.

But first, a quick stop in Brookings to get a turn signal assembly for our 1975 Ford truck. I can't believe you can buy such a thing, but you can. Art gets it in place in the NAPA parking lot.

Just a few miles south of our last campsite, the agricultural station at the California border. Always uber-friendly, these people. Nothing to declare--we saved our last grocery receipt, as advised, to prove where our produce came from. They didn't even open the camper.

Northernmost northern CA, Del Norte County, heading south into the lush cannabis-growing culture of Humboldt County. These coastal redwoods are enormous. If I could, I'd enlarge this photo 100 times. Look how they block out the light.

Highway 101 curves through hundreds-year-old trees. They have a unique energy.

Giant Redwood National Park hugs the coast.

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We're making some tracks today and sadly aren't prepared to stop for long to explore the giant trees. Art reminds me we've traveled only 281 miles in the seven days since we left Portland. This is an intensely enjoyable way to explore, but we do have departing reservations on Amtrak in SoCal, where we'll store the Avion. We need to close the gap between here and there.

But first a stop at this richly endowed visitor center celebrating the combining of state and federal lands to create Redwood National Park.
Tip o' the hat to Lyndon Johnson for that. I'm sure Ladybird had something to do with it too.
The beach behind the visitor center is immediate and accessible.

The Yurok Tribe Welcomes you.

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