Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sonoma Coast State Park (Wrights Beach) + Halfmoon Bay

First, the ominous...

Next, look at the stunning location of the campsite below, peeking out onto the beach.  Most of the sites here are reserved this week between xmas and the new year.

One of the discoveries we've made camping during winter months this far north is the need for a little heat after the sun goes down and before we crawl under the down comforter (thanks Gwen!) that must be rated to -10 degrees F. Art has a small plug-in electric heater and for that we need...electricity. Virtually every one of these coastal California parks has none.

So we've stayed at a few commercial RV sites as we try to cover some miles, and while we hunt hard to find good ones, they've been uniformly inferior to the state and federal parks.

Look at that wave blast at Wrights Beach.

The 45-year-old Avion camper has a highly effective propane light that throws a lot of heat, but we need someone to look at it. Soon we'll be far enough south not to need the little heat boost.

Tonight we're at a commercial RV place
on Halfmoon Bay

Arrived late and walked down to a harbor joint for take-out: calamari, steaming chowder, and braised artichoke hearts.

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