Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Rogue River Redux

They call this area the "banana belt" because of its warm temperatures, with a USDA zone comparable to San Francisco's. It's been 62 degrees F in the shade every day, warmer in the sun.

Here's Donna, who runs the place, with her rescued greyhound Denise.
She showed us some pictures on her computer of a 2003 Rogue River rise that flooded where we're parked (those little tufts are the greenery separating the sites) and beyond.

Today I showered in a spotless bath house, put on my shorts, and assumed my post out here on the picnic table, watching the river flow. A ruby throated hummingbird zoomed past.

A man walked to the edge of the river and said: well I guess I have the courage to come down here.

How so?
We scattered my wife's ashes on the river July 4, he said. She deserted me after 51 years.

They'd been coming here to stay for years.

Rivers remind us of the passage of time, forward motion toward the sea. I change the linen on our bed (nice washer and dryer here too), contemplating life.

Yesterday we went for a walk along the river.
Me, finding a rock for Wayne

Good fresh air. And a little color...

We started the day with fruit, yogurt, hot coffee, eggs, and bacon.

Art found a cool storage spot for the spinach in his secret tool compartment in the truck.

Vigilante salmon fishermen
Dam building and removal along the Rogue has generated controversy for more than a century; an early fish-blocking dam (Ament) was dynamited by vigilantes, mostly disgruntled salmon fishermen.
No matter what gets in the way or which way the wind does blow… I’ll just sit here and watch the river flow.  
-- Bob Dylan 

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