Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Midafternoon Wine and Cheese

So in between lunch and dinner, if you’re in the sleeping car it’s off to the wine and cheese tasting if you choose.

Can’t a girl catch a break and read her Henning Mankell in peace?
It was a small group for the tasting—frankly it’s a far less crowded train than we’ve ever seen--and as a result at the end they had a lot of leftover wine, which they awarded based on answers to silly quiz questions. Hey--I won.

Our boothmates, from Washington State, are musicians who play the fiddle, mandolin, and guitar. He teaches engineering at the university. She manages a radio station. If you were a writer and needed character backgrounds, you couldn’t do better than to ride Amtrak.

Dinner--are you kidding me?

I send Art off to dinner alone, unable to ingest one more food item that isn’t a raw vegetable or interact with a single extra person with a fascinating life story.

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