Thursday, December 15, 2011

Dinner with Friends (Including Miss Oregon)

In a stroke of synchronicity, my oldest friend in the world is here in Portland visiting her daughter, aka Miss Oregon. Dear ones both, we were excited to shop for a little supper to be held in our newly massive lodgings. 

The Elephant Deli, a couple blocks from our hotel, was just the place for hunting and gathering: rare beef tenderloin slices and a crisp salad of baby greens, grapes, and nuts. Clam chowder. Plus some asparagus with garlic and a few dessert treats Art is choosing below (why he looks so happy).

We'll see Miss O and her mom again for dinner this week, but tonight she has tasks to attend to--after all, she'll be competing in the Miss America Pageant Jan 14 and there are fabulous gowns to shop for--so she drops her mom off and returns a few hours later for a quick visit.

Art, surrounded by beautiful people.

Our smart and gifted Miss O, who goes to school in Corvallis, is a classically trained vocalist who'll be singing opera at the pageant for her talent competition. She's also funny and frankly we love her best in windbreaker and jeans. 

However. This is Miss America, people, and each of the contestants put together a vid about why she should be the next Miss A. There's brisk voting going on as I write to see who wins. If you're inclined, support Caroline McGowan, Miss Oregon, at this link.

I like her gentle snark.

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