Monday, December 19, 2011

To Tillicum Beach

It's time to leave Beverly Beach--chilly in the woods that cool us in warmer months--and find some sun. We know just where we're heading: Tillicum Beach Campground in the Siuslaw National Forest, midway between Newport and Florence. We stayed here last year and remember the luxe expanse of beachside campsites.

Gasp-inducing views down 101 on the way to the Newport co-op...

Right where Brian said it would be, we stock up on foodstuffs...
...and directions (atop our hot soup container) to two local fish places, neither of which we found.

Tillicum Beach is just as we remembered it, warm and sunny and good for the soul. With Art's 62+ pass it costs a very fair $17 ($11 without power).

Campsites with full sun and quite the view. We parked here until the sun set low in the sky before moving to a plug-in site just across the camp road. In the evening we're running a small electric heater to ward off the chill. The 45-year-old Avion camper's furnace is hot but a less subtle heat.

There are magical picnic and fire areas with views of the Pacific.

We set out lunch: co-op fresh greens with tomatoes + mushroom potato soup. Soak up a little vitamin D from all that sun.

Just few steps down to the beach.

Dinner tonight: eggs with smoked paprika + kale + Oregon's Tilamook cheese
(and lots of veggies on the side)

Tillicum Beach sunset. We sleep soundly.

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