Thursday, December 15, 2011

We Heart Portland

After several days of walking this neighborhood and sampling its offerings, you're likely tired of my enthusiastic impressions. Portlandia aside, I can say some of the nicest people I've met live here, extraordinarily generous, civil, and friendly.

Plus, dogs in drugstores.
How can you not like that?

Craft beer everywhere

Small businesses 
that seem to be thriving

Today we start the mindset adjustment that will move us from the conveniences of a vibrant city to life in a small space with the natural world just outside our door.

There's a burgeoning Goodwill a block away and I scored some fine camping clothes and reading material. We're doing laundry too--yes, this little hotel has a washer and dryer, a boon to those on the road.

A neighborhood church

Art was stunned by this massive beam:
2' X 2' X 50'
So many styles...

For certain we'll return.

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  1. Beagles in drugstores? Awesome! Have you seen the show Portlandia?