Saturday, December 10, 2011

Leaving Union Station Chicago


Here's the nice guy who checked us in at Union Station. No fuss, line moved quickly, and we easily loaded on our gear, including a boat in a bag (inflatable kayak). You don't have any gasoline in there, do you, he said, laughing.

One of the reasons I love riding Amtrak is the employees--most are genuinely friendly, the antithesis of what you normally get at an airport: TSA agents who glare and assume you've got explosives in your Keens. (It might even be against the law to try to make them smile.)

We head for the Metropolitan Lounge, where happily our conductor was just calling the train for loading, so we walk through the lounge and out for boarding. 

 The hallway between sleeper cabin
and train windows. Where is Hercule Poirot?

 Here's Joe, our cabin attendant.
He brought champagne--how lovely!

We settle into our cabin, a chair across the way (and a big mirror too to enlarge the space). There's a private toilet with shower, and we're sitting on the bed. Note stretched out legs--my idea of relaxing.

I'm about to open my book as we head into Wisconsin, golden sunset warming our way. We're reserved for the 5:30 dinner--early bird special for these worn out kids.

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