Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Work-Free Smoke Place: Smokehouse 21

We love Smokehouse 21's slogan up there in the title. And their pig! On our last night in Portland we walked a few blocks for some meat. Art got the ribs (which we'll be enjoying for days in the camper) plus cowboy beans and mac 'n cheese.

It was such a cozy spot on a drizzly night. And frankly, Portland's air quality has been awful. They even have air quality alerts (notice how I'm burying this criticism in a post on barbeque?)

Everything homemade here, and well sourced. I had succulent pulled pork plus sides of kale (in a killer sauce, with meat, of course) and house-pickled vegetables that cut the fat perfectly. Gonna be making some of these when I get home.

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