Monday, December 19, 2011

Fog, Crab Boats, Dungeness Crab

We awaken to dense fog--so dense it's like walking through a wet curtain when we leave the camper to use the facilities. Last night we saw the crab boats out on the horizon, tiny lights twinkling as they caught what will be our dinner tonight.

Though my Virgin-Mobile broadband device worked well yesterday, this morning I find myself wandering the campsite, MacBook Air open to the elements, trying for a robust signal.Winter camping is not populated camping, but anyone seeing my meanderings might have locked their door.

Last night toward sunset a woman pulled in, in a camper that seemed familiar--Rob and I might have seen one like it up in Ontario. A Canadian rig built on a US chassis, self-contained and beautifully organized inside, we find out after our tour this morning.

Hi Patty the friendly agate-hunter,
four months into her year-long road trip

You meet the nicest people in campgrounds. And Patty had some stunning agates from this beach.

We are off to look for an internet connection to complete some work, hopeful that connection might be found at the Dungeness crab shack back up the road. See the pot boiling?

Inside, a good wi-fi connection and fish galore. We'll take some of everything caught locally, including this sea bass.
Maybe a little chowder to warm our cockles.
That's the ticket--caught yesterday and steamed this morning.

This woman's sweatshirt says:
The 2nd amendment is my gun permit

The graphics on this place are great fun and the nice folks here put all our piscis on ice.

Back on 101 heading south, the views out the truck stunning...and frequently scary.
Yikes: I think this is called The Devil's Punchbowl.

Our resting spot for the evening in Reedsport, with a solid signal for me and clean bathrooms for all.

But the main even is that Dungeness crab, in season now and quite alluring. My hands were too messy to photograph the half hour it took us to get from this... this. Worth the effort, as that crab was sweeter than I thought possible, though it occurs to me the 1% probably enjoy their crab already shucked. 

Maybe without the plastic bowls though.

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