Thursday, September 5, 2013

Anaheim Ford Update +A Goose Named Turkey

This is Turkey the goose, who nestles himself on a peepad under the desk of Cammy, business assistant at Stadium Mercedes, where some good work was done on our Ford truck. It's clear to me not much would be accomplished without her.

Cammy discovered the tiny gooselet under a shrub in her yard and nursed it to full health. She says Turkey adopted her, and she hopes to release him into a wild preserve soon.

Alrighty then. All this is from a couple days back. We took a taxi from the Amtrak station directly to the shop. Here Art's charging up some on-board batteries.

Plus there's a lot going on under the hood--new regulator, solenoid, and more mostly unexpected fixes that kept us around far longer than we thought. I don't even want to be reminded of how hot it was in LA that day (I'm sitting now in the cool mountains, but that's another post). Hotter than the hinges to hell, as a pal says. What's up with people who love LA? No offense to our friends who live there (and next time we promise we'll visit but we've got places to be this trip), but really?

Loading up the fresh-water tank. We'll need it.

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  1. hi guys., beautiful scenery. I love the WEST....and, oh, the DOW HOTEL...WHAT A FIND!
    ALL good here.....will write an email...xxooo carole