Monday, September 16, 2013

Grassfed Beef Monday Lunch

 We stopped in John Day, Oregon, on our short drive today and hit Ace Hardware for yellow paint (our stairs are peeling badly) plus I got a new frypan. Also RadioShack for some bits (Art is still trying to restore his video back-up camera), Java Junction for coffee, and the co-op, which advertised grassfed beef. These campers are hungry. 

John Day, OR

Helpful Dawn at the co-op told me they don't actually sell it but to go on up the road a half mile to Chester's Thriftway, which carries all-grassfed beef grown in Oregon. And there it was.

We took the opp to fill our larder with good things like mushrooms, celery, tomatoes, nuts, and yogurt, which we'll take into the woods tomorrow.

Dawn at the co-op asked where we were heading and I happened to have my maps with me. "Oh, you can't go THAT way," she said. "You'll miss this gorgeous route with lots of campsites." So she showed me (wish I'd made a picture). Another messenger?

We're at a campsite with internet connection so I can finish my weekly work. We sauteed the shrooms, chopped some tomatoes, steamed the broccoli and added dabs of bleu cheese, and cooked up the beef in the new frypan with herbs from home (looking a little long in the tooth, but the rosemary and sage are hanging in there), garlic, onion, and ginger. Plus a few shots of the magic ingredient: fish sauce.

Bon appetit!


  1. John Day!

    About 10 yrs ago I visited my brother and his family when they were managing/living on a Nature Conservancy site about 5 miles outside of the town. (They've since moved to Enterprise, OR. Don't tell me you're heading there too!)

  2. I want to make your - grass fed beef lunch plate my screen saver!
    Also, in just about every photo - the sky is so clear, blue with white puff clouds.

  3. Mmmm, grass fed beef. We just made the switch to grass fed only (we're lucky enough to have a local farm that sells it). Your lunch looks really tasty!

  4. You'd think in the ranchlands of Oregon it would be easy to find grassfed beef, but not so. We even got some grassfed beef bacon 0f the same brand. Gwen, the sky has been utterly blue this past 7 days. Until this morning! But we're enjoying a light patter of rain and we prep to leave.

    Bruce, still can't believe your bro was in John Day. Remember him well from the time you two came for tea.