Thursday, September 12, 2013

Yosemite Hike Day

When we awaken, the sun is just coming over the eastern range and our interior thermometer reads 40 degrees F. I dress under the covers before stepping out into a glorious day on my way to the loo. Just then, the sun breaches the ridge and almost instantly warms the world.

We're hiking today--who knows how far. Time to load up on java, fruit, yogurt...
 ...and pancakes.
We begin our hike up across the road from Tioga.
Making our way steadily upward into the forest. Here's a hidden lake along the way.
This enormous fallen monster made me feel like a tree frog.
Alan the fisherman from Santa Cruz pointed us in this direction, toward an old mine.
And here it is. Below I'm including some more info on this astonishing effort to find silver.
 The mine itself has been blocked off.
 Testing (but not drinking) the water from a small stream. Cold!
Check out this rock.

The mining community of Bennettville.

There were lots of old odds and ends people had picked up and laid in a stack.

 Imagine the disappointment...and exhaustion.

The one item I always carry. We're heading down from the mine on a path whose outcome we're uncertain of (maybe I should carry a map too).

Tired and thirsty, we're back on the main road and make a brief stop at this tiny resort.
 They rent cabins you can stay in (the loo is at right rear).
 Lots of choices for thirsty hikers.
 These historic photos were set on the mantle of a huge fireplace. Talk about history.

A convivial spot for reading writing, and browsing. There's a restaurant too.

But we're walking the main road back to camp and our own provisions.
Still enjoying the Whole Foods goodies we got back in LA.
 The smoke drifts in around 4 pm.

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  1. You are an adorable tree frog! And I love all of your food posts. You should start a blog about cooking over a campfire...!