Monday, April 17, 2017

Center of NZ

Red cod and cauliflower for breakfast

Nelson's Botanical Reserve looked like a nice little walk for Sunday. Stroll over, take some easy trails, relax after the previous day's 8-mile.

We set out on a path through those trees toward something called the Center of NZ. Who could have predicted this walk would go straight up.

And up! Until, nearing the end, I hear a gaggle of voices. There's a bit of a party atmosphere up here.

What is this giant spear pointing down, I ask Art. It looks like a compass piece.

Ahem. It's the center of NZ, he says. Oh, you mean we're at the center of NZ! (I must have been a big foggy on Sunday.)
On a related note, we've also visited tiny Rugby, ND, the geographic center of North America, which seems nearly unfathomable when you consider the vast majority of the US plus all of Mexico lie south of ND. It makes more sense on a map.

But back to NZ. There's the wharf we walked yesterday, over at 9 o'clock.

And to the east... 

I said hello to these friendly German women who were knitting and eating peanut butter. They met while traveling and were preparing to take the Abel Tasman Great Walk.

Three feet in, the center will hold.

After a piston-like trek downhill, we stopped at the Nelson Provincial Museum to see the DaVinci exhibit.

Catapulting into the next phase of our adventure, tomorrow we'll pick up the caravan.

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