Monday, April 10, 2017

Sheep and Other Delights in the Hills of Nelson

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The locals

This is a beautiful little rental, situated high in the hills overlooking Nelson. To get here you start out on a gravel road that turns into a narrow sealed road which doesn't show up on any mapping program we have (yes, there's a long story here about trying to find the place). The friendly owners like it just this way.

Our morning walks pull us upward, higher into the hills... the open vistas of Nelson Bay and the Mount Arthur Range.
 Back to the cottage.
Breakfast is the payoff for a good walk.

A small group of sheep wander the open grassy hills and visit most days to mow around the cottage.

The big kahuna

I think they're looking for handouts. The owner suggests in her house notes that they like bread, but there's plenty of free salad coming right out of the ground.

Tui birds sit in this brilliantly berried tree off our deck and make their crazy clown-car song all day long. Their vocalization range is substantial, and they make me laugh.

Have a tui video (trouble viewing click here.)

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