Thursday, August 27, 2015

A Day In NZ

Quiet, today.

The Nelson region of NZ, where we're camping, has a strong local foods culture, with plenty of roadside signs for vegetables, kumara (sweet potatoes), and craft beer. You can even buy pastured eggs at the gas station.

At $4 US, the mixed dozen is a bargain

Netting over fruit trees. The Nelson area is New Zealand's second largest apple-growing region. It also has a burgeoning wine industry.

Signs of spring.

Remarkably, the one restaurant in Kaiteriteri is excellent. You can sit outside and stare at the water while you fend off the gulls, Tippi Hedren style.

Largest blueberry muffin ever 
(and a flat white)

Speaking of food (and we're always speaking of food around here), we have a small fridge in the caravan, but the back of the Rover serves as a mobile pantry. Art checks the alcohol stash.

Two bins are devoted to produce, the cool nighttime temps ideal for vegetables and fruit.

We drove the short trip to town today to make a deposit for ten more days in the caravan and picked up some lamb chops along the way. Though we see cows on the green hills, lamb is one of the only meats that's reliably pastured. The rosemary on these chops came from the organic garden in the Golden Bay region.

John Dory (before and after)
 "MacGillivray, William John Dory". Licensed under Public Domain via Commons -,_William_John_Dory.jpg#/media/File:MacGillivray,_William_John_Dory.jpg

Unfurling fern has a hairy exterior, which it sheds as it stretches...

 ...into this.

Good day, all