Saturday, August 29, 2015

Spring Showers + Spring Lambs

Leaving Kaiteriteri for Golden Bay today, we revisited the twisting, turning road that climbs 2500 feet over 20 miles. If you remember this post with photos I shot over the edge on our test trip here, you have a sense of the dramatic views below. Today, engulfed in fog and a light rain, there was little to see except the near road ahead.  

We left on a Saturday to avoid the light truck traffic that does squeeze cars a bit coming head-on, and remember we were towing the caravan this time. Art drove expertly, though, despite the weather, which became more blustery toward the top and quickly morphed into a full-scale downpour as we made our way along the curve of the bay to our campground, recommended by The Cheese Lady (remember her?), who grew up here.

It's a remarkably sited camping spot, sitting almost literally on Tukurua Beach. But until the rain stops, you'll have to take our word for it. Or imagine what this view out our front window looks like when the rain isn't thrashing the shore just beyond those chairs.
Maybe I should have checked the NZ Herald for the story I saw only after we got settled in...
Batten down the hatches - spring is on the way and its first week brings wet and windy weather. Tuesday marks the season change and by then much of New Zealand will be in the grip of a wild system carrying lashing winds and heavy rain.  
And yet there are lambs...
Spring lambs, Cornwall Park, Auckland. Photo / Michael Craig, NZ Herald on Sunday

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