Monday, August 17, 2015

Kaikoura Today

Tuesday was a buff and stock up day: clean the caravan, shop for food, replenish the propane. Oh, and have a splendid conversation with a family in the camp spot next to us, they from England, first-time visitors, aglow with the generosity of New Zealanders.

I asked if the country reminded them of England back in the day, before corporate interests took over small communities. Absolutely, said the woman, an exec with England's education ministry. She and her family took a whale-watching boat ride yesterday on which most people got seasick. I had second thoughts after hearing that.

Sushi art in town

Reading in public, Kaikoura edition

Kaikoura's wee cinema.

Today we walked an entirely different part of town, along the peninsula toward the southeast.
Small, old-style motels dotting the shore opposite the water signal Kaikoura the summer playground.

The bay's graceful curve ushers us toward the wharf.

This one has our names all over it

It's enormously relaxing just looking at water. From the LARB...
“Yes, as everyone knows,” Ishmael says toward the beginning of Moby-Dick, “meditation and water are wedded forever.” Water cures only make this relationship explicit. Lakes, ponds, streams, tarns, rivers, oceans, quarries, pools — all offer physical pleasure and psychological solace. In water we can become clean, begin again. In water we can, like Ishmael, ward off the spleen.

In the park along the esplanade, tree trunk sculpture.

At the end of the wharf sits the 127-year-old Pier Hotel.

With a venerable bar.

We sat outside and watched this boat toss around as the swells got larger.

Vying for one of the best flat whites in nearly five months.

Here's a quick vid of the foreshore, the boys enjoying a pint under a Speight's umbrella (trouble viewing click here)...

Our return walk felt longer. We were hungry and the Thai spot closed yesterday was calling.

But when we arrived, lunch was over and they were closing until dinner. Still, they made us a delicious take-away lunch.

The wind's up and the sky's ablaze. I smell moisture.


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