Monday, August 3, 2015

Queenstown: Art Rides The Hydro-Attack Shark

Are you fully rested viewing the turquoise waters and white peaks of NZ high country? Let's rev it up today with a look back at one more crazy thing you can do in Queenstown. When Art saw this thing in action I knew he'd never resist its call.

On a perfect morning, the whole family gathered to watch

 HydroAttack awaits

Rory practically had to crowbar Art into the shark's back seat (secretly, I think Art wants to be in front piloting the thing).

It's a crazy contraption.

The shark can cruise atop the water with its windows open or be on its side half submerged with them closed.

It can dive.

And come up explosively.

Want to feel what it's like on the inside? Art wore a GoPro for the 20-minute ride. Here are a few highlights. (Trouble viewing click here.) I love Art's laugh when the thing flies out of the water.

And here's what it looks like from the outside--almost as much fun.

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