Sunday, August 23, 2015

Birds of NZ: Listen to the Tui

I've posted about the tui before, but I likely didn't know it would become hands-down my favorite NZ bird. Tui makes me laugh every time I hear its song.
Tui are considered to be very intelligent, much like parrots.[10] They also resemble parrots in their ability to clearly imitate human speech,[11] and were trained by Māori to replicate complex speech.[12]
 "Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae -Waikawa, Marlborough, New Zealand-8 (2)" by Sid Mosdell from New Zealand - Tūī on HarakekeUploaded by snowmanradio. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Commons -,_Marlborough,_New_Zealand-8_(2).jpg#/media/File:Prosthemadera_novaeseelandiae_-Waikawa,_Marlborough,_New_Zealand-8_(2).jpg

In this quick vid (trouble viewing click here), you'll hear some hammering in the background, the result of winter-months home upgrading in Kaiteriteri.

Otherwise, the tui owns every single vocalization, and there are many. Along with clicks and raspberries, the funniest sounds to me like a yappy dog followed by a sweet little melody. It's almost spring--are the tui twitterpating? Turn up your audio full blast and hear what we hear...