Friday, September 18, 2015

Back To The Future: Return To Wellington

Where are we now, honey?

Apparently we weren't done exploring Wellington. Saturday we left our hotel driving north, no particular destination in mind. But the destination decision was made for us. We'd driven just 15k when the Rover began beeping annoyingly. Turns out the air suspension failed. Art knows that much, but it'll take a Rover service person to get it working again.

(Remember the cherimoya we bought this week? Here it is cut open, deliciously soft and delicate with bead-like seeds. It tastes a little like lychee to me. More here.)

Via the ever-handy devices, we located a Rover service place back in Wellington just blocks from where we'd been staying. But our former hotel had no rooms available, so we checked into the Museum Art Hotel, on the other side of Te Papa. It's got a fabulous lobby with art everywhere.

Another view of Te Papa, across the street from the Museum Art Hotel.

The Rover place was closing its service center faster than we could return to Wellington. We had to stay under 55 kph (about 35 mph) and so took side roads all the way back rather than limp along the motorway in the slow lane (left side) with hazard lights flashing. We saw some pretty leafy suburbs along the way. 

And since we were formerly staying a block away from our new hotel, we know the neighborhood.

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