Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mauri Ora, NZ!

We'll drive to Selwyn's house, not far from Auckland Airport, Tuesday to park the Rover until our return. You remember Selwyn. He's the gregarious gent who drove our family bus around Auckland and then to Hobbitland and the glowworm caves before delivering us to Rotorua (valiantly managing his raucous bus cargo all the way).

Selwyn and his wife will be keeping the Rover for us. How nice is that? We'll have a little supper together and then head for the airport, where a just-past-midnight flight awaits, a half hour into our last visa-legal day in NZ. Nothing like taking advantage of every moment.

Selwyn's challenge

Beyond that, friends, one picture will have to convey what we're feeling tonight. You write the caption...


  1. "Yes, please, Heidi and Art - come home to all of us who love you while taking a look behind and leaving a trail for your NZ return." PK

  2. Great lamb shot, Heidi. Fantastic blog! Fantastic trip! 747's