Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Still In Wellington+World Press Photo Exhibition

 Rise 'n shine, campers!

Alrighty, then. On Monday the service guys fixed up the air suspension in the Rover quickly and very affordably. Today we packed up, left the Museum Art Hotel, hit the road north again...and this time got just 8k out of town before the indicator lights and beeps showed pretty much the same problem occurring.

 Heading north, but not for long

At least we know how to drive back into Wellington. Almost without a map. Soon we were at the service place, where they promised to look into it.

 Time for a flat-white-will-fix-anything three blocks away

We studied our map of the North Island, wondering which direction we'd choose toward Auckland and our departing plane just one week from today. I'd been wanting to visit the Coromandel Peninsula (click here for some turquoise pictures) east of Aucks.

Maori word of the day
When we returned, the service people said the front suspension air bags were getting a little old, and they implied they might have missed a leak the first time around. Anyway, they're sending to Auckland for replacements and we should be leaving Wellington Thursday morning (go ahead and laugh).

We checked back into the first hotel we stayed at here, this time with a view of Te Papa. It's a bit chilly for the balcony though.
Monday on Queen's Wharf

Unexpected extra days here have given us a chance to see more of the city, including the 2015 World Press Photo Exhibition at the Academy of Fine Arts. A deeply disturbing exhibit to wander, bringing to mind Susan Sontag's statement, "Let the traumatic image haunt us!"

Wellington Academy of Fine Arts





Cattle and sheep sculptures


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