Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Wharariki Beach

Way up at the top of the South Island east west of Farewell Spit is a beach imbued with magic. To walk to Wharariki Beach ("Farariki" using Maori pronunciation), you begin by traversing a farm.

These ingenious step-overs keep livestock from straying.

We passed through a manuka wood forest.

These seals were sunning themselves along a river that ultimately fed into the ocean.

Forest turns to dune.

 And there's the Tasman Sea.

These dunes are enormous, wind-sculpted, and lots of fun. In some virtually vertical areas we took to all-fours to scramble up them.

Here's the location of this sublime spot (trouble viewing click here):

It's vast, a bit windy, untouched, and deeply peaceful.

 I got closer to this black mound to check it out and something barked at me, loudly. Seals (duh).

Watch one swim lazily in the impossibly clear, warm shallow tidewaters.
(trouble viewing click here)

Returning to the path, though we didn't want to leave.

One last look.

Your daily dose of lambkin. Being here in spring does have its advantages.

Did you bring treats?

We stopped in Collingwood for a coffee and a late lunch. Also to visit Rosy Glow.

Rosie the proprietor clearly knows her business. She makes some seriously wonderful treats (I speak with authority).

On the drive back to our campground we saw a sign for produce and turned into a small farm. There was no produce, but there was raw milk. NZ $2.50 per liter (US $1.60). That's one big bargain, and as I type I'm sipping this outrageously high-butterfat, delicious milk and nibbling one of Rosie's chocolates. Wharariki dreams tonight...

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