Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Otamure Bay DOC Camp

Good morning, campers. This Otamure DOC camp sits just over a rise on yet another memorable beach. The air is soft and warm. Let's walk the beach in the morning sun.

Pohutukawa trees.

Looking back toward the hills. Yesterday a helicopter hauling something on a rope was drifting the contents over these fields. What are they dumping? I asked some passersby. To which they responded: Looks like they're manuring. (A form of the word I'd never heard.)

The air is utterly clear and sweet.

Or about $8.50 per person US

We walked a trail over the rocky point to the next bay over--Tauwhara Bay--pretty much straight up and then down.

Help a sister out?

Here's a clever bird with a snail in its beak. It bashed the snail again and again on the ground in front of us while holding onto a sliver of escargot. Nature red in tooth and claw...

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