Wednesday, May 22, 2019

To Tutukaka

The Tutukaka Coast, on the eastern Pacific Coast just a few hours north of Auckland, is a jewel. It's challenging to photograph at speed, but this gives you a quick idea of its glories. Click here for more.

We're staying at a cool old-school holiday park. Nice woman who checked us in said: I was just heading off for lunch. Of course we asked where. This wee town has several restaurants and we are ready for the one I scoped out online, which is the very place she recommends. (You know it's good when one of their menu items is "local line-caught fish.")

She'd had two job offers just this week, one at a DOC camp we checked out near Bland Bay. "But why would I want to leave?," she said. "I live in paradise." 

That she does. And the restaurant more than lived up to its billing. Here, fish/shellfish soup in a spicy tomato broth.

Redundantly, we also had the fish and salad.

Tutukaka Harbor

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