Thursday, August 8, 2019

A Day in Alexandra

Techno-color dawn.

Off to the grocery.

The shelves are stocked with labels familiar and not so, Cholula a welcome surprise.

Next stop...

Then an unwelcome stop at Spark, a NZ telecommunications company, where this helpful person fixed an impossible-to-describe cock-up from a previous stop at Spark in which the employee "helping" us took an hour to try to fix something, didn't, and then managed to swap sim cards on Art's phone and ipad, rendering his phone useless and we clueless. Thank you, kind woman!

Another bookstore? Why not...

Hospice (secondhand) shop, where I got linen napkins for fine dining in the caravan.

Who needs a flat white?

Central Otago Museum and Art Gallery.

Many steps to gold.

 I couldn't see the skink in its display, but I enjoyed the info.

Cat scat

Chinese miners with the Reverend Don.

Easy gold for the first arrivals, hard-won for the rest. I'm still fossicking in my spare time, searching for my nugget.

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