Sunday, August 25, 2019

Windswept Haast Beach

Gunmetal grey clouds hung low in the sky this morning, breaking up a bit around noon. We hopped in the Rover for the short trip to Haast Beach.

Where we were greeted by a wild Tasman Sea.

Immense detritus tossed ashore speaks to the power of water.

Not another soul about, though it was, of course, windy and threatening rain. Temps of about 50F warmed us in our efforts to walk against the gale.

Driftwood shack

I'm as happy as a (windblown) clam, preferring to be outside in almost any weather, ideally where nature has sculpted the landscape.

But, yes, flat whites were required and we enjoyed them at the one restaurant/bar/cafe in town.

I've been buying a lot of fresh organic turmeric here, mincing it and tossing it in with whatever we're having. It's a happy companion to garlic.

Part of first meal: bacon, duck-fat roasted potatoes, prunes, and oranges. Red cabbage and leek stir fry followed. And I was still hungry when we returned from the beach.

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