Thursday, August 15, 2019

So Many Tracks, So Little Time

There's so much exceptional walking around Glenorchy we're spoiled for choice. Here's a video with liquid audio of part of today's trek, a piece of the Dart Track along the Dart River north of Glenorchy and Paradise in Mount Aspiring National Park, not far from the Routeburn Track. (Click here to view if reading in email.)

It's another blue-sky day and we're driving north out of Glenorchy to the place where the road ends, then onto a metal (gravel) road to where that ends.

It's always a small thrill to ford a stream (Art says the navigator is supposed to get out and put a stick in the water to see how deep it is).

After walking about seven miles yesterday, our aspirations (in Mt Aspiring) are far smaller than this.

It's a splendid track, hanging onto the side of sheer rock next to the Dart River.

Look carefully. Can you find me standing on a walkway in my new jacket?


Looking south along the river.  I'm filled with indescribable joy in the company of this remote beauty.

This track is definitely one you want to keep an eye on.

The Dart is a braided river, with lots of bleached gravel offsetting the glacial runoff.

In the car heading back. It was remarkably warm today--so warm there were sandflies buzzing about. It snowed for the first time just a couple weeks ago and the ski operators cheered. Climate change touches everything.

-->Sleep well, campers...

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