Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Earthquake + The Road to Glenorchy

Last night in bed about 10:30, Art asleep, thinking to myself: what I love about camping is all right here. Absence of light, dead quiet, perfectly calm. Suddenly the bed starts moving and actually, I realize, it's the entire caravan shaking, perched on the four feet I crank down and level every time we stop.

Here's the detail. It was a 5.5 tremblor, considered strong, centered 15 km north of Milford Sound. If you look at today's route map below and pull out a bit, you'll see Glendhu Bay/Wanaka where we were last night (and indeed Glenorchy where we ended today) aren't far as the crow flies from the quake. (Click here to view map if reading in email).

Oh, the 28-mile-long approach to Glenorchy (pop. 363), Lake Wakatipu to the west. Direct connection to awe. A through-the-windshield series.