Monday, April 27, 2020

Covid Cafe: And The Days Go By...

Hi chefs. We're just back from the big monthly grocery expedition. A Talking Heads song came on and I wondered if the entitled white guy not wearing a mask and standing too close to me was clueless or defiant. 

Shopper feast: fish, shiitake, herbs, blueberries, leeks

Our friend Haley checks in today from Grand Rapids with a rainbow of a salad...

Haley writes: Here's a salad recipe I've been enjoying often. 

The recipe originally came from a blog and suggests four portions, but we've found this really is better split into six separate salads. It's full of vibrant colors and the ramen is a great treat. We use a ramen by Lotus Foods, but any kind will work.

It’s very simple (it’s salad after all!). Clean, chop and mix all the veggies. Cook the ramen cakes according to the package. Be sure to drain well as this extends the shelf life of the salads. I use a clean dish towel and squeeze all the liquid out.

Divide evenly into six containers. 

I portion out the veggies and ramen separately to make sure each serving has some noodles.

For the dressing just toss all listed ingredients into a food processor. Add the dressing just before serving. 

A great grab and go (well, in this case stay) lunch. Also, I have found that dancing is helping when I am starting to lose my mind. The Talking Heads concert video Stop Making Sense really gets me off my feet and it is streaming on Prime.  

(Thank you, Haley! Let's dance...)


 In the land of plenty, it's still a jolt to see this

 Music and poetry
(because music is poetry)

Once in a Lifetime
Haley and I share a love for Talking Heads

Take Me To The World
Stephen Sondheim's 90th birthday celebration 


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