Sunday, April 19, 2020

Covid Cafe: The Story of Holly's Signature Cookies

Good day to you, chefs of Covid Cafe. You're doing an admirable job of it, staying out of the public way and making sustaining food. Holly returns today with a recipe I can personally vouch for. Remember at the start of the lock-down all the cookie dough she had in her freezer for mah jongg gatherings and welcoming new neighbors?
She recently told me the logs had been in the freezer for a month, so it was time to bake.

NZ beach finds on Mexican fabric

Here's the story of Holly's Signature Cookies: One Christmas, I was invited to a cookie exchange.  Throughout the year, I love to bake, but I had never done the big Christmas cookie baking thing. I was searching for a good recipe online and reading reviews. One reviewer said, "this has become my signature cookie".  I said to myself, "I would like to have a signature cookie too" and thus, I stole the recipe and made these mine.  Now when friends and family are served these cookies, they say...oh, your signature cookies! 
Feel free to make them your own...
Shaping the logs
Slicing into quarter-inch discs

Fresh from the oven

(Thanks, Hol. Maybe cookies will get us through.)  

Lee's backyard baby owls continue to grow

Her life
is an atoll.
Tiny islands of dependency,
alluring from               afar.
Up close,
a relationship of sand.
She leaves at
                      high tide.

Baguettes Masterclass with Patrick Ryan
Even if you’re not inclined to make threse, the process is an engaging watch.

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