Monday, April 20, 2020

Covid Cafe: Lentils and Rice Flavored With Online Goods

Longtime (former) neighbor Bruce joins us at the cafe today, chefs, with a way to turn mostly shelf-stable ingredients into a flavorful pot of lentils and rice.

Bruce writes: I’m cooking a lot more with things that are shelf stable. Finding ways to combine those ingredients is a compelling (for now) challenge. I made a pot of lentils and rice, not a whole lot to look at but I thought the flavors I added made it worth sharing, a good way to introduce some new tastes into your kitchen/palate.

A two-pot recipe...
1 pound green lentils, rinsed
2 cups rice, in this case white. Brown is good too--it just takes longer.
1/2 head cabbage, sliced
1 to 2 onions, sliced
Ginger, powdered is OK (what I had)
Garlic, powdered is OK
Olive oil
Sesame oil, optional
White wine vinegar

I found these additions on amazon...
--Nori. Two sheets cut into quarter-inch squares (optional). I though it might conflict w/ the cabbage, but it didn’t.
--Bonito flakes, which are dried tuna shavings, for umami--chop up a large pinch.
--Toasted sesame seeds.
--Sesame oil.
--Nanami Togarashi spice mix. It’s hot, but tasty.

Saute the onion in one pan. When browned, add the rice and stir to coat it in oil. Then add water, garlic, ginger, Togarashi, nori, and salt. Cook for 15 min until done. Turn off the heat and leave covered to steam.

In the second pan, cover the lentils with water. Add the sliced cabbage. Cook over low boil/high simmer until done, about 40 minutes. 20 minutes in, add the chopped bonito flakes. Add salt, garlic, ginger, and Togarashi to taste.

Combine the two. Add vinegar to taste and adjust the remaining seasonings.
(Thanks, Bruce, for the new flavor ideas.)

Via Phyllis and the New Yorker

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