Sunday, April 5, 2020

Covid Cafe: North American Buffet + Feed It Forward

Thank you for crowding our inbox with extraordinary homemade food, chefs of Covid Cafe. We have a diverse selection to feature today--call it a North American buffet. Trevor's back with fermented French fries (what? that kid will ferment your fingers if you don't watch out) and Maila's on a roll.

In Nashville they're cooking ribs and in Chicago Phyllis and Trish are bringing it together in one big pot. Meantime, Debbie's scenting her entire house with garlic. Can we get a taste of this?

Perch, by Trevor when he was a little kid

Trev's fermented fries
Trevor says: the fries get submerged in a salt water brine that’s 25g salt per quart of H20 for three days. Take them out and dry then off.

Double fry once at 325 degrees to cook the potato through and then again at 375 to crisp everything up.

Fries for everyone! 

Montreal Maila's on a roll
Maila writes: the stuffed grape leaves are a staple in the Lebanese household and I learned how to make those from my mother-in-law. I am from Estonia and my husband is of Lebanese origin, second generation Canadian. 

I learned the task of making spring rolls from two Vietnamese ladies, both temporary residents of a women's shelter I very involved with in the late 70s. They are totally addictive to anyone who has tasted them. (Editor's note: we agree)

The recipe for peanut butter rolls covered in chocolate was recently given to me by my friend Glenda. They are very easy to make, kept in the freezer, and are literally melt-in-your-mouth delicious. (Does anyone else want this actual recipe?)

Meantime, in Chicago
Phyllis says: My vegetable soup turned out more like a stew but it was still good on this dreary Sunday.

And north of the city in Highland Park
Trish checks in with a stew: sirloin, potatoes, red/yellow peppers. mushrooms, kale, garlic, broth.

In Oak Park
Debbie writes: I peeled 40+ homegrown garlic cloves to make this 40-clove garlic chicken. I used thyme in place of tarragon. The vermouth really pulls it together...

People, you are knocking our socks off.

Nashville signifies
Little Nashville nephew Chase digs in to some ribs fresh off the grill, cooked by his dad Dustin (another in our panoply of cool nephews). Looks like a monster plate of vegetables there too.

Tomorrow Holly brings the quiche and Heather the cocktails. And still more in days to come.
 Fermented cabbage by H2

In a time of tremendous food insecurity, look at this remarkable partnership...
This week, Lakeview Pantry announced a partnership with the Lavin Family Foundation and Cubs Charities to address food insecurity in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak. The #FeeditForward initiative uses grant funds provided by Lavin and Cubs Charities to purchase chef-prepared boxed meals from local restaurants: Ann Sather, Crosby’s, Smoke Daddy, Lady Gregory’s, Ranalli’s, and West Town Bakery. The program began earlier this week, with the meals being delivered by Lakeview Pantry to low-income residents and senior citizens around the city. 

The purpose of the program is twofold – to not only feed Chicago’s vulnerable populations during the COVID-19 outbreak, but to also invest in the city’s restaurant industry which has experienced massive financial losses and layoffs due to forced closure. Yes of course you can donate and you can use Paypal to do it--click here.
NZ seeds

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