Monday, April 6, 2015

A Good Traveler

Thanks to Lynn for the timely inspiration. Arriving in NZ intending to stay for six months is a brand-new and fairly bizarre experience. Each day we search for the right mindset, which is definitely not "let's maximize our time here and spend every moment exploring Auckland."

Interwoven with our walks to parks, museums, and fancy harbors we're taking the steps that will get us out of the city and headed toward more remote places with a camper.

Art won an online auction this week for a very affordable 15-year-old Rover--first step done and woop! Imagine buying something in another country (getting on a NZ ebay-like auction site, lacking legitimacy because you've never bought before, trying to contact seller to view the vehicle, getting there, on and on).

Now imagine trying to pay for it. The big banking boys do it all the time but...wire transfer? Of course it can be done, but not quickly when you arrive at 9 am to throngs in bank lobbies after a four-day holiday and with a killer time-change between here and Chi, including the Fall-back NZ had on Sunday (fresh jet lag, why not?).

Bank of NZ

Currently we're investigating renting a caravan (trailer). Today also post office, look for hiking shoes, locate a bookstore, spend time with Spark the cell carrier here, get more food, research licensing the car.

Post office (some things never change)

Whew. I am not a good shopper. Time out for Thai. Maybe a big old pile of rice is what I need.

So, to all our smart readers asking about NZ history, Maori culture, and more...we'll get there. Tomorrow marks a week since we landed. We're checking things off the list. And we're grateful each day for this remarkable experience.

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  1. I'm exhausted already just reading this, and you're just getting started! PK