Sunday, April 12, 2015

Auckland Snapshots: Charm On Its Sleeve

Auckland takes all the gems of San Francisco and spins out the chaff to create a vibrant, livable city that wears its charm on its sleeve.

That's our friend Rob's eloquent description and after ten days here we concur, wholeheartedly. It's a visual feast, old alongside new, expensive right next to free, and we've not encountered a single unpleasant person yet, unless you count the ugly American ordering the ever-patient front desk guys to fix the elevators.

I'm sure that's an aberration.
Queen Street Backpackers

Eminently walkable with some nice challenging hills, all roads seem to pull us toward the water. We've been walking a lot as we await the arrival of Friday's wire transfer into the patient car-seller's account.

We strolled a different area Saturday, called the North Wharf.

I'll bet

But for every yacht and resto, there's something surprising and free to do--what the best cities offer people living here and visiting. For example, how sweet this tiny free library. I especially like the fake grass and oversized plastic chairs, large enough for a cuddling reading family.

Waterfront container library 

The tiny green container library is dwarfed by the city expanse.

Further down the wharf, this structure appears to have no purpose other than climbing for fun and a view.

And pre-nuptial photos.

More reading in public


Groom and friend await ceremony near makeshift cocktail table?

Families were out and there was music in the air.

 Love is everywhere (people can you feel it)

There was scary looking juggling with knives...
 ...and a moving bridge

Walk-weary, we head back for supper, smoked hoki (NZ's largest commercial fish species) and cheese with bok choy salad.