Saturday, April 4, 2015

Art Goes To Kiwi Driving School

Yikes. The steering wheel's on the wrong side and the lanes are reversed. Art was smart to book an hour driving lesson with Wayne, retired school teacher and owner of Kiwi Driving School.

He's driving in NZ!

I did what I always do, except this time I actually was in the back seat.

Wayne speaks with a different NZ accent than many people we've encountered in the city. "Cheek your right mirror, signal, and change lanes." But we tuned up our ears and Art did a fine job. For the lesson, Wayne had Art drive to Mount Victoria, a beach brimming with holiday-makers, and Devenport, a sweet sleepy resort kind of town.

What? You think I took pictures of these places? I was too busy "driving."

Wayne and Art

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